CANCELLED Selectboard Meeting: Thursday, July 11, 2024 Selectboard Meeting has been CANCELLED.

Roadside Mowing Bid

Town of Mercer

1015 Beech Hill Road, Mercer, ME 04957

Phone: 207-587-2911     Fax: 207-587-2912

Email:  [email protected]

Request for Proposal

The Town of Mercer is accepting bids for Roadside Mowing services in the town of Mercer.  Sealed bids shall be marked “Roadside Mowing” and are due by Wednesday, July 24th at 6 pm at the Town Office, 1015 Beech Hill Road, Mercer.  Bids will be reviewed at the Select Board meeting of July 25th. 

Scope of Project: 

Roadsides shall be mowed with a minimum of 65” flail mower, one-pass each side, all cutting to be 6” or less where obtainable.  Where possible, mow saplings.  Care is taken to avoid damage to signs, mailboxes, utility poles, and other items installed along the roadside.  The Contractor will furnish his/her own equipment and shall be responsible for all equipment repairs.

Work Area

Mercer has approximately 30 miles of road.  To review the work area, please contact the Town Office.  A Selectperson will take you around to show you the roads to be mowed.  Mowing shall be along the following roads:

Brown Road – some                                         Main Street                                                        Rome Road

Beech Hill Road                                                 Elm Street                                                           Rome Road Extension

Decker Road – some                                        East Sandy River Road                                    Hampshire Hill Road

Corson Road                                                       West Sandy River Road                                  Pond Road

Bacon Road                                                        Tibbetts Road

Work Schedule:

The Town is interested in at least one mow per year, preferably in the fall.  Please provide an estimated work date. 

Terms of Agreement:

The successful bidder shall enter into a contract for one year with the option to renew it for two additional years.  Successful bidder will need to provide proof of insurance covering Worker’s Compensation and General Commercial Liability, or an acceptable alternative, in the amount of $1,000,000.

Bid Price:

Please bid on a price per mile or by the job.