Solid Waste Disposal Services

****Mercer Transfer Station is permanently CLOSED****

We will now be using the

Norridgewock Waste Management Landfill

Airport Road, Norridgewock, ME

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  9:30am to 6:00pm
Saturday:  7:30am to 4:00pm (very busy day, anticipate waiting)

NOTE:  NO trailers allowed.


*****There is NO longer a need to pay $1 to buy blue bags.  You may use whatever bags you like*****


DIRECTIONS:  From the Mercer Town Office (Mercer Community Center) travel East on Route 2 for 6.4 miles.  Turn left on to the Airport Road and travel 2.2 miles.  The Back Gate entrance is on the left.


Stickers are available at the Town Office.  Stickers will be available to full-time and seasonal residents.  You must own property, or rent, in Mercer in order to use the Landfill.

Summer Mercer residents will need to come into the office to get a pass (please bring your license and current registration of the vehicle that you will be using).  You must own property in Mercer in order to use the Landfill.

How Mercer is charged:  The Town will be charged by the number of visits to the Landfill.


Items that ARE allowed (no fee):

  • Household trash
  • Recyclables
  • Tires
  • Bulky Waste
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Metals
  • Cardboard
  • Wood

Items NOT allowed:

  • Hazardous or Toxic waste.
  • Containerized waste (i.e., drum, barrel, portable tank, box, pail, etc.)
  • Waste transported in bulk tanker.
  • Liquid waste.
  • Sludge waste.
  • Waste from Industrial Process or Pollution Control Process
  • Residue and debris from cleanup of a spill or release of chemical substances, or commercial products.
  • Contaminated soil, water, residue, debris and articles from the cleanup of a site or facility formerly used for the generation, storage, treatment, recycling, or reclamation.
  • Chemical waste from a laboratory.
  • Articles, equipment and clothing containing or contaminated with polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs).
  • PCB drainings and flushings removed from PCB articles and placed directly into transport containers.
  • "Empty" containers of waste commercial products or chemicals (this applies to a portable container which has been emptied, but which may hold residuals of the products or chemical.  Examples of containers are:  portable tanks, drums, barrels, cans, bags, etc.)
  • Asbestos contained in or from building demolition or cleanup.
  • Commercial products or chemicals whether off-specification, outdated, contaminated or banned.
  • Residue and debris cleanup of spills or releases of a single chemical substance or commercial product or a single waste which would otherwise qualify as a miscellaneous special waste.
  • Infectious waste (any waste from a hospital, medical clinic, nursing home, medical practitioner, mortuary, taxidermist, veterinarian, veterinary hospital, animal testing laboratory, university medical laboratory, etc., that is contaminated with or may be contaminated with an infectious agent that has the potential of inducing infection.  These wastes are wastes if they are untreated, autoclaved or otherwise heat-treated.)
  • Animal Waste and parts from slaughterhouses or rendering plants, including wastes from fur or leather products manufacturing.
  • Waste produced by mechanical processing of fruit, vegetables or grain, rinds, hulls, husks, pods, shells, and chaff, food processing wastes which are aqueous or sludges, or which have been contaminated with dyes, additives or preservatives.
  • Pumpings from septic tanks used any size exclusively by dwelling units.
  • Sludges from publicly owned sewerage treatment plant serving primarily domestic users.
  • Grease trap wastes from residences, restaurants, or cafeterias not located at industrial facilities.
  • Washwater wastes from commercial laundries and laundromats including waste from dry cleaning facility or waste from commercial laundry used by an industry to wash chemical-contaminated clothing from its workers.


Alternatives to dropping trash off at Waste Management:

If you do not wish to take your trash to Waste Management, there are several companies currently operating in Mercer who offer road-side pick-up.  The weekly cost varies by company but is typically $5 - $7 per week and they will pick up 3 to 5 bags per week for that price.

    • Archie's                                             (207)-778-3818
    • Bolsters                                             (207)-487-5048
    • Gregory's Disposal                           (207)-465-4500
    • Patriot Waste                                    (207)-409-2635
    • Somerset Disposal Service               (207)-696-5670


***Please call the Town Office if you have any questions at (207) 587-2911***