Planning Board

Planning Board Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of Month at 7:30 pm at the Town Office in the small Meeting Room or in the Community Center Solarium.

Please note that if there are no applications or business for the Board to consider, then there typically will not be a meeting.

To be placed on the agenda for a meeting, please drop off or mail your application or agenda request to the attention of the Mercer Planning Board, 1015 Beech Hill Road Suite A, Mercer, ME 04957 or email to [email protected] so that the application or request will arrive at the town office by the second Tuesday of the month.  


Jason Juskewitch

Email: [email protected]
Term expires 25'



Chris Dutill

Term expires 24'



Hillel Weisel

Term expires 25'



Geoffrey Nosach

Term expires 24'



Joan Nunnally

Term expires 26'



Nathan Van Soest

Denis Culley


Nathan VanSoest

Harriett "Fran" Varney (Retired)


When submitting a Shoreland Zoning Application to the Planning Board, Please submit:
ONE COLOR Application and SIX COPIES to the Planning Board & the completed Checklist

When submitting a CEO Permit Application to the CEO, Please submit:
the Shoreland Zoning Application but print it out in Black & White.

CEO - Geoffrey Nosach 313-4108