Tax Collector / Treasurer

Tax Collector

Nancy Gove

Terms expires 22' (effective 7/23/2020)

Phone: (207) 587-2911
Fax: (207) 587-2912
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Tax Collector

Tammy Lamphere

Email: [email protected]


Nancy Gove

Terms expires 22'

Email: [email protected]m

Deputy Tax Collector/Treasurer

Christine Parent

Email:  [email protected]

2021 Tax Commitment *

Discount available until 08/09/2021
Taxes Due by 09/08/2021
Interest of 6% effective 09/09/2021

Assessing for online commitment book

2021 Mil Rate is $17.60/$1,000 of value

Homestead Exemption decreased to $24,250 of value exempted before taxes were calculated.