Tax Collector / Treasurer

Tax Collector

Nancy Gove

Phone: (207) 587-2911
Fax: (207) 587-2912
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Tax Collector

Tammy Lamphere

Email: [email protected]


Nancy Gove

Email: [email protected]m

Deputy Tax Collector/Treasurer

Christine Parent

Email:  [email protected]

2022 Tax Commitment *

Taxes Due by 09/06/2022
Interest of 4% effective 09/07/2021

Assessing for online commitment book

New for 2023, Property Tax Stabilization Program for Senior Citizens.  What is it?  It is a State program that allows certain senior-citizen residents to stabilize, or freeze, the property taxes on their homestead.  As long as you qualify and file a timely application EACH year, the tax billed to you for your homestead will be frozen at the amount you were billed in the prior tax year.

Property Tax Stabilization Application

2022 Mil Rate is $17.60/$1,000 of value

Homestead Exemption decreased to $22,750 of value exempted before taxes were calculated.